The following resources are provided to assist you in finding the information you will need to complete Mr. Boyd and Mr. Schwartz's project.

‍Culture Grams (pages in binders)

Each of these consist of four pages crammed with almost anything you need to know about your country (except for the flag). They show you a map of your country on its own as well as in the context of the countries around it. Info is organized under more than 20 headings, including Land and Climate, Religion, The Arts, Economy, and Government.

CIA World Fact Book

At this site, you will want to use the drop-down menu that says, "Select a country or location." This will give you access to the flag of the country, as well as to other information. Please do not type the the country name into the search box. This will not be as helpful in providing the information that you are seeking.

‍World Book Encyclopedia Volume F (on your table)

Find the entry for "Flag." Find your flag under "Flags of ?" The ? stands for your continent. For example, Japan's flag will be found in alphabetical order under "Flags of Asia." United Kingdom's flag will be found under "Flags of Europe." Your teacher will provide you with paper on which to draw your flag.

Olympic Medal Search

(This is located at the official website of the Olympics.)

Follow the steps to determine the medal count from your country.

To search for images, go to .

At regular Google (not Google Images) type "public domain image of..." This will yield choices of sites which offer images you do not need to ask permission for or pay for to use.