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MJH Library's Online Catalog

A tool to help you pick a great book!

A "fantastic" site for you to explore if you like fiction! See new stuff from your favorite author or the order of the books in a particular series! I have found it easy to just type the name of the author and scroll down the page.
A 21st century tool that lets you create an online poster using dozens of choices of images, styles, and text patterns...and maybe even audio and video!
It's almost too cool for school!

  • Google

    When you use Google or other search engines, remember to evaluate the websites that are offered.
    1. What is the domain extension? .Com and .net often are use for commercial (selling) purposes. .Edu often is used for university websites. .Org might be used for the website of an organization.
    2. What is the purpose of the site?
    3. Can you trust the information?
    4. Who is responsible for the information at this site?
  • Infohio

A collection of databases provided to us by the state of Ohio...for students and teachers!
Powered by Google but selected by teachers and librarians
Similar to Infotopia
You can go here to order books from the public library online.
If you click on the Teen Zone button, you can find out about new books, get homework help, visit the blog, and more!
Use this for SeƱora Evans' Spanish class.

Come to this site to be sure that you are using images ethically.

"A search engine for students"