Space Exploration Tools Research at INFOhio

Go to Madison JH homepage.

Choose INFOhio Electronic Resources (under “Information” on left).
If you are not at school, please refer to your handout for the username and password.

Click the red “Grades 6-8” button.

Click the orange and black “Science Online” button.

On the left, choose “Space and Astronomy.”

Choose topics under “Space Exploration Overview” or “Telescopes Overview” or type your own topic into search field. (If you have a land rover space probe, a good search term is “space landers and rovers.”) You might also choose some topics under “Astrophysics Overview” or “Rocketry Overview.”

You will come up with a variety of hits.

To narrow them, choose from the tabs at the top. For this project, choosing “Topics, Terms, and Principles” and/or “Images, Videos, and Animations,” and/or possibly “News Articles” would be a good idea.

Go to “Citation Information,” click on APA, and copy what is written in order to cite your source.

Ask Miss Thomas for the username and password so you can access INFOhio at home.