Information on the Explorers and Their Voyages

You can choose to click on the first letter of your explorer's last name, the time period for which he is known, or the
geographical area he explored.

Find your explorer. Look at the information about him in the table, then click on his name written in red.

In the Search field, type the name of your explorer. Be sure to spell it correctly. You will get several hits. Look through them carefully.

Click on your explorer.

Simply scroll through this alphabetical list.

Click on your explorer. His route should then appear on the map. It's fun!

Find the Search field and type the name of your explorer. On your page of hits, look through them carefully.

1. Click the yellow button for "Grades 6-8."
2. Choose the black and white "Biography Reference Bank" button.
3. Enter your person's name in the search field. Make sure you spell it correctly!

Citation of Sources

1. Click on the purple student square.
2.Go to the 3rd purple button, "Cite My Sources."
3. Type a number in the box to prove you are a real person.
4. In the purple box to the right, click on "Website" or on whatever type of source you wish to cite.
3. Follow the directions and fill out the answer fields.
4. Near bottom, click on green words, "Create Citation Below." Your citation will magically appear.
5. Before you exit Citation Maker, be sure to "Copy All" to...copy and paste to a your Google doc.