Websites about Ancient China:

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China Timeline:

Ancient China: by Jason Ramel and Alex Horvath

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Great Wall of China:

Food of Ancient China

The Chinese Thanksgiving: Mid Autumn Festival

Websites about Korea, Past and Present

Ancient Korean (from the Ancient History Encyclopedia):

Korean Inventions

Korean Pottery:

Korean Food Culture:

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Click on the picture to get instructions for cooking.

Chuseok – Korean Thanksgiving Day

Websites about Ancient Japan

Japanese Religion and Spirituality



Early Japanese History and Culture

The Age of the Warrior

Japanese Samurai

Half-way down, find a glossary of terms, including weaponry.


The Martial Arts

The Edo Period

(Notice the last section for sentences about puppetry, Kabuki, wood block print art, and haiku.)

Japanese Food

Scroll half-way or more down page to squares, click on food photo, and find explanations, instructions, etc.

Japan’s Thanksgiving

Japan Timeline:

Japan by Kevin Cooley and Lindsey Green

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Japanese Art