World Book Kids

1. Click on the "Important People" circle.

2. On the yellow page, you have three choices: "Find!" or "Search!" or "Choose!"

3. After you follow one of the steps below, read about your choices and click where it says "HTML full text" or "PDF full text."

  • "Find!" is self-explanatory. Just use the drop-downs to pick the characteristics of a person. You don't have to use all the drop-downs.

  • The "Search!" choice is where you can type the name of a person if you know who you are seeking.

  • Even though "Choose!" is the last category, I like to start here. It is a fun way to get ideas. You can click on the type of person who interests you. You could also use the drop-down menu to find other types of people with interesting biographies.

Kids Search

1. Where you see the word "Find," type in the name of the person you are seeking. Make sure you spell it correctly.

2. Your page might yield many results. In order to narrow them down, find the "Biographies" box and click it.

3. You should now see a page with a choice of biographies. Click on "HTML full text" or "PDF full text."

(Both of the above websites are accessible through INFOhio. They also provide students with ready-made citations for a Works Cited page.)

  • You might choose to simply enter your person's name into the "Search" field at the top (with the little magnifying glass). You will then need to scan through the choices on the next page in order to see if you want to click on one in order to read it.

  • Another option would be to spend some time looking at the home page. There are many interesting types of people to explore. Two options are "Black History" and "Winter Olympic Athletes." Have fun!